Beach vacation

Earlier in the month, the whole family headed down to the beach for a few days of sand, surf and relaxation. I can't say sun because it never came out the entire time but that is typical for June in southern California, the June gloom as they call it. But it still made for great beach weather. 
The place we rented was one block from the beach. I wanted to get as close to the beach as we possibly could and 1 block was perfect.

Between sinking our feet into the sand every single day to seeing a few friends for dinners while we were in Oceanside, the week was great and a perfect catch up time after the busiest time of the year for us all. Plus the beach is my happy place!
Here are some photos from our trip!

 Don't be impressed, we didn't build this sand castle. We just saw it while talking a walk on the beach one morning.

Beach flora

Where do you like to take your family for a trip? Beach or mountains?


4 months...

This little lady turned 4 months this past Sunday. I'm not sure how that much time has snuck up on us since her birth but it is true, 4 months of loving her every single day, 4 months as a family of 4! 


My family's path to better wellness

It is crazy how one little bottle started my family on a different health and wellness path than I would have ever thought or imagined. This one little bottle paved the way to eye-opening experiences, new ways of looking at health and just wanting to do and be better every.single.day.
Maybe for you and your family, it isn't an oil that started you thinking about better health. Maybe it was bottle of Thieves cleaner that you wanted to try to for greener, non-toxic cleaning product then you said "what else can I replace in my home that is better for us"
Now maybe you aren't into cleaning products or oils but you want make-up that is vegan, 100% clean, natural, organic, chemical free makeup, guess what, YOU CAN RIGHT NOW!!! Click here and I will follow up with education and tons of support! http://bit.ly/2rCmdud
So for my family, it was just a bottle of oil that catapulted us into a new direction in health and wellness! what is your item(s) or reason for wanting better wellness for your family??


Yummy, Crunchy, Peanut Buttery

I am on a kick lately to find whole food snacks for Caleb and well for me too. That afternoon snack monster can be brutal and very very bad for the diet. Caleb will ask for fruit but also carbohydrate snacks like crackers. Doing this led me to Pinterest after looking in my pantry for what I had on hand that I would readily make. I saw peanut butter. I saw cocoa. So I searched peanut butter and cocoa and I found these energy balls, with whole food ingredients, peanut butter (buy real peanut butter, not peanut butter spread), unsweetened cocoa powder, oatmeal, honey and originally the recipe called for unsweetened coconut flakes, which I didn't have but I had walnut pieces so I decided to substitute. 

After a quick mix in the mixer of all the ingredients, I rolled the ingredients into a ball, and put them in the fridge to harden them slightly and then the finished snack for real energy, with real ingredients that was so easy to put together and won't leave you with the sugary crash later. 
There certainly was nothing easier than this quick, easy and delicious snack and Caleb won't will pick out slivers of almonds in granola ate all the pieces of walnut and didn't pick out a single one! So toddler win for mom!

Recipe: 1 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/3 cup honey, 1/2 cup peanut butter 2/3 cup chopped walnuts. Mix in a mixer, then roll into balls and put in the fridge if you want to harden them a bit. Then eat for real energy from real whole foods for a great afternoon snack!


Easy Meal Planning - No Grocery Shopping Required!

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Gobble via BrandCycle.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Gobble or BrandCycle. 

As a new mom of 2, time is limited, time is precious and I want to make the most of my time. I have found ways that help me as a mom, for example ordering groceries that are delivered to my door step versus going to the store, buying essential items in bulk so I go to the store less, etc.

I am a weekly menu planner. I sit down every Sunday to plan our our weekly meal because stress to me is 4pm on a random week day and having absolutely no idea what is for dinner that night. Plus meal planning limits how many times I head to the grocery store in a week's time. But some Sundays my brain is completely wiped, and I just want someone else to meal plan for me. There has been many times where my Facebook status is simply, "what is for dinner" because I need new meal ideas.

 So Gobble is the perfect combination for me as a busy mom of 2, they have meal planned for me as in I go to their website, select what meals sound tasty to me and order. When your meal/ingredients are delivered to your front door the meal prep is done for you, there is no time is wasted in chopping or cutting up ingredients. It can't get any easier than that unless they send someone to come cook the dinners for me. The results? Delicious! Even my 3 year old loved the tri-color carnitas with the cilantro pesto dish I made last night. How yummy does the meal look being cooked?
All the ingredients for the great dish laid out, making it easy to grab what you need as you make the dish!

Shred the carnitas before cooking

 Shredded carnitas and pre-chopped green and red bell peppers cooking away!

Tri-color fusili pasta cooking away in about 5 minutes! 

Combine the pasta and the meat and veggie mixture, then garnish with the cilantro pesto, sour cream, cojita cheese and cilantro for the grande finale!

I am looking forward to trying the two other meals I received in my dinner meal, Baja Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa & Avocado Crema and Miso Baked Cod with Asian Vegetables & Brown Rice!

Gobble is currently on the West Coast but expanding Eastward later this year. If you are on the West Coast, you can currently get $50 off your first box of three meals using the code: SECRET50

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Sugary sweetness

Sugary sweetness in terms of my daughter, not a dessert. I'm sorry if you thought that was the case! But having her in my life has made it much much more sweetness! 


3 months...

I blinked and three months has already passed since your birth sweet baby girl!! We love you so much and you are a perfect addition to our family!! You give the sweetest smiles and cutest coos! And I love dressing you in the most adorable outfits my little fashionista!