We had a baby girl!

Hi blog world!!
Let me introduce to you, Kate Grace Henning!

 Heading home!

She is lighting up our world more every day with her bright eyes and sometimes non-gassy smiles :)



Today is my 33rd birthday. To honor that, I would I would make a list of 33 life lessons I have learned along the way. Some funny, some serious. 
Here you go!
1. eat chocolate, always eat the chocolate
2. a cup of coffee is always a delicious way to wake up in the morning even if you have to reheat it a few times if you are a mom
3. let the guy do the pursuing in the relationship leading to marriage
4. find one that doesn't play games with your relationship
5. go to college
6. always put Jesus first then your husband then your kid. 
7. ^^ this is a constant work in progress for me still
8. invest in friendships who invest in you
9. give people your time who will give you their time
10. life is too short for crappy friends
11. take care of your body
12. invest in exercise on a regular basis
13. turn off the TV and electronics
14. real food is the BEST food
15. but again eat the chocolate, always eat the chocolate
16. you are worth investing in your health
17. buy a capsule wardrobe
18. use makeup as an enhancer of your natural beauty
19. buy clothes that only look amazing on you
20. stuff won't bring you happiness
21. make church a weekly Sunday morning event - it will provide so much 
22. pay off debts 
23. buy memories, not things
24. being your own boss is very freeing!
25. the things you want MOST in life are worth working hard to achieve
26. be confident in yourself
27. say yes once in a while if you find yourself saying no a lot
28. apologize to people
29. find a way to forgive
30. laugh
31. continue to eat chocolate
32. celebrate even the little accomplishments or moments in life
33. enjoy a big slice of birthday cake!

There you have it!! Hope you enjoyed my list of important life lessons. 



I hope you had a wonderful Christmas whether you celebrated as your family, extended family or friends!! My parents came to celebrate with us. I hate saying here is a photo dump of our Christmas memories but here is a photo dump of our Christmas celebrations. 

 We always eat great food whether at home or go out to restaurants when my parents are here too most commonly Asian food. For our Christmas Eve meal, we recreated what the Japanese think we eat for Christmas which is fried chicken, so KFC it was! Here is an article on the history of fried chicken on Christmas Eve in Japan.

Caleb got plenty of bike riding in as well, excelling more and being more confident on the balance bike, taking longer and longer rides. As a result, Santa brought a bike with pedals this year!

Christmas was then followed up by the after Christmas sales like Sean and I did hitting up Target for Christmas lights because you can never have enough right? 
How was your Christmas?


Ninja Bread Houses

Earlier this week, the Henning family had their first annual ninjabread house decorating party. Caleb calls it ninjabread house instead of gingerbread so that why ninjabread house. With several graham crackers, homemade royal icing (super easy by the way only three ingredients, way cheaper than store bought frosting) and lots of candy, we were ready to make our houses. 

We started with a simple four sided wall, a top then two pieces making a triangle for the roof. The royal icing dried fast which helped hold the house up. Between the marshmallows on the top, the Mike and Ikes, some gummy bears, Caleb's ninjabread was done.

 I was working on my house in the same fashion, which Sean took to make his ninjabread house more like a castle. 

Has it been hard to keep Caleb away from the houses especially to not eat all the candy off of it? You bet! So you tell me what are you doing with your family to enjoy the Christmas season? Any new traditions you are starting this year? 


29 weeks...

Somehow we have made it to 29 weeks plus 1 day in this pregnant. Has time felt like it is flying by? Honestly no! Whoever said that the second pregnancy goes by much faster wasn't quite telling the truth. I can tell you that the second time is very different. I feel so unprepared at this point. Nothing is done in the nursery, clothes are very very minimal, and a name, not even close. 
Second time moms, what had you done at this point? Is this normal second child behavior? 


Easy and Delicious Holiday Cracker Dip (recipe)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #StaterHolidaySnacks #CollectiveBias

What a wonderful time of year it is! The parties are happening, the food is generous and the drinks are flowing! Whether you are hosting a party or attending one, food and drink is definitely a central part of any party! As a busy mom who doesn't have a ton of time these days especially if I am planning a party or a holiday get together, the last thing I want is a labor intensive snack or spending a long time at the grocery store. I made a delicious cream cheese dip to go with crackers, specifically two Mondelez company crackers, Wheat Thins and Ritz Popped Chips  and to accompany this snack, a Coca-Cola or smartwater! Both products can be found in aisles near each other in Stater Bros grocery stories, no need to search all over for these items!  Additionally, you can save $1 with a Digital Deal when purchasing two participating products.

If you are having friends over or just a mom gathering, you can have plenty of this cream cheese dip on hand and then if you run out with celebrating this holiday season with friends, refill the bowl with the dip, add some more crackers and pass around more bottles of Coca-Cola or smartwater!

To make this cream cheese dip for crackers, you need 1 block of cream cheese, softened, zest of 1 orange, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary, 1/2 cup chopped dried cranberries, black pepper. 
In your mixing bowl, cream up the cream cheese a little bit. Add in the orange zest then mix.

Now add in the chopped up dried cranberries followed by the fresh rosemary.

Lastly, crack some black pepper into the cream cheese dip.

Having the balance of the savory and sweet makes this dip a delicious favorite and the bright, festive colors of green, red and orange make it a perfect holiday snack!
Scrap all of the cream cheese dip into a bowl for serving. If the cream cheese is too softened for your desire, pop the bowl in the refrigerator for a bit then serve with the Wheat Thins and Ritz Popped Chips (Mondelez products) like I selected. Don't forget the cold Coca-Cola or smartwater!
Enjoy and happy holidays!

To learn more you can visit Stater Bros's Facebook page  or their Pinterest food boards
What are your favorite dips to eat with snackers during the holiday season? 


Start of the Christmas Season

Last night we went to a tree lightening ceremony at the university where my husband works. It was perfect, focusing on the true meaning of Christmas, followed by the lightening of the tree and then it "snowed." Let the joyous Christmas season begin!!!