I have lots to smile about!

Yesterday, I had to run a quick errand for my dad before they come into town to visit us for Thanksgiving. While I was completing the purchase, I was asked to provide my drivers license for name check with the card I was using. The cashier said, "good for you" after looking at my photo. He then clarified, "good for you for smiling." Then he went into a few minutes of the importance of smiling, how it takes less muscles to smile rather than frown, followed by in a line up of people study, people were more attracted to those who gave even a slight smile versus showing no facial emotion. Then I said something to him that honestly even caught myself off guard. I said, "I have lots to smile about." 

Why did it catch myself off guard? Usually because when I am about and out publicly, I am so focused on what I am doing, completing the task that typically, my head is down and I am on a mission to get my check list done. 

It is 100% that I have lots to smile about. Three of them live with me every day, those are three reasons right there. Plus what they add to my life is already unmeasured reasons. I have a God who loves me unconditionally, despite all the screw-ups and times I have failed, which is every single day. This is just the starting point, I can go on and on but the point is - there is lots to smile about so share with me today. What do you have to smile about?

Essential Oils!

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Pretty much a no brainer right!

8 months

Our little Katie bug is 8 months today! 8 months of sweetness that I am obsessed with. She is slowly coming out of her shell with each passing day. She crawls, she stands when holding on something sturdy, and she currently has 2 teeth. 
8 months, it is hard to believe. I feel that once a baby starts crawling, times just speeds up quicker. From crawling to standing to cruising around the room then finally to walking, it can all happen in what seems like a blink of an eye. I love just seeing her crawl right now. Can she do that forever? I don't want time to speed up faster than it needs to. 
Here are some photos to capture her 8 months with us!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

If you live down in southern California, I'm sure you have heard of Tanaka Farms. They are known for their strawberry fields and of course pumpkins. I have taken Caleb there before in March and we did u-pick vegetables. Given its popularity, we attempted to go on Saturday. However, we saw the line of cars waiting to get into the farm and I quickly did a Yelp search for pumpkin patches. My search led up to Manassero Farms, just a few miles away from Tanaka. It was practically perfect, as perfect as a farm/pumpkin patch could be. The best part? All pumpkins that day were 50% off. 

Literally, there was no one there at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. There were games for the kids to play, a photo op set up, tire swings and we only had to pay for the pumpkins we wanted. This is where we are going every year to get pumpkins from now on!

So my recommendation is skip the long lines and crowds and head to Manassero Farms for an easier fallish experience in southern California. Maybe one of these years, we won't be wearing shorts!

Hey momma, where is the room to breathe?

It happens at times. It happens when I least expect it and it is ugly. It is my reaction to when life hasn't given me sufficient times or opportunities to just breathe and think. Life is just go, go, go from when we all wake up to when everyone lays their head down on the pillow in the night. From feeding to changing, to making sure Caleb has his share item on certain preschool days to do we have enough toilet paper, oh we have one roll left, ok when will I have time to get to the store today? We don't have any corn husks as a makeshift toilet paper in the mean time. 

But what happens if there is no room as a mom to breathe? When is your time to sit and think and have all the thoughts throughout the day catch up to you? Do you even get a minute or maybe a few more to collect yourself? How do you keep going when your emotions are preventing you from? Your emotions want you to stop, just for a minute, just for a hot cup of coffee to sip, gather up all that is moving at a fast pace around you and just breathe. 

How do you respond when life is like this?

Also here is a pretty photo to help you if you are feeling the above, or need decorations ideas or need inspiration on all things fall decor!